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Fakenham, Norfolk

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You may know that Jim suffered two strokes recently. As he fights back towards fitness, Jim has produced some short articles on the history of some of the military facilites in and around Fakenham, as well as some musical memoirs. These are free to download as pdfs:

  Bombing up at Sculthorpe
The bomb loading pit at RAF Sculthorpe.
  Coxford Heath Decoy Aerodrome
The decoy aerodrome near Tattersett.
  Harpley Dams
How Mr Wilson’s quarry helped to buid a railway and then helped to win a war.
  Harpley Dams update
Further information comes to light.
  The Air Ministry at Fakenham
Aerodrome repair depot in Fakenham used during World War 2.
  Sculthorpe and the Local Economy
The contribution of RAF Sculthorpe to the local area, its economy and people.
  Sculthorpe - The Early Days
The construction and early years of RAF Sculthorpe.
  Spotting at Sculthorpe
Jim started spotting planes at RAF Sculthorpe as a schoolboy.
  Sculthorpe Opens For The Third Time
Change of use, 1967 into the early 1970s
  Musician’s Tales
A few anecdotes recalling Jim’s musical adventures.
  Hobnobbing with well-known musicians
Some of the professional musicians that Jim has met over the years.